Online Shopping Trends

"As time goes by, more and more Australian online shoppers are buying locally. Almost 3 in every 4 online purchases are from domestic retailers with the biggest growth in purchases of groceries and alcohol online. During 2013 Australians spent a record $14.3 billion – am uplift of 11.3 per cent over the previous year. Online sales now represent 6.5 per cent of the nations overall spending. This is up from 5.8 per cent in 2012. The falling Australian dollar has had a big part to play in the rise of domestic online sale." [quote from on 17 April 2014].

Future Topics to be covered on this page,
  • ebay and other online Auction Sites (bidding strategies and tricks).
  • Credit Cards and Paypal (their payment guarantee).
  • GST and Duty on overseas transactions, and the Customs Clearance possibility.
  • Common Sites... eg: Amazon for books.
  • Explain Transaction security (the padlock symbol for secure pages).
  • Some details about SSL and recent security Issues.
  • Warning about security Certificates (how to check).
  • Delivery options (anyone home?) PO BOX, Parcel Lockers.
  • Different Prices for 'who you are' and 'where you are shopping from'.
  • Restrictions on sale from certain overseas sites (and using 'freight forwarders').
  • Price Comparison Sites and their 'vested interests'.
This site is under continual revision, and new information and links are being added regularly.

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